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Coaches Drill Reference

    • Start basic stretches: U6-U8, approx. 5 minutes
      U10-U12, approx. 10-15 minutes
    • Run with ball dribbling designated distance
    • In a circle or a line, all players with a ball U6-U8, approx. 10 minutes U10-U12
      • Hat Dance
      • Shuffle
      • Heel-to-Toe, Pull Back, Roll over side to side
    • Once these drills have been explained, use a complete set. This can turn into a Simon Says game or coaches says game (call it what you want)
    • Hat Dance
      • U6-U8: Ball is in front of player; the object is to tap the ball with the tip of the toe. Start walking through the drill and having them tap the ball as you see the skill set progress. Have player get up on toes and begin to tap ball, changing the speed as needed.
      • U10-U12: Same set, only increase the speed sooner and get the player on their toes immediately.
    • Shuffle (Call it what you want)
      • Start ball in between legs
      • Push ball from leg to leg
      • U6-U8, start walk slow at first (Do not worry about staying in place)
      • U10-U12, start all players on toes
      • As you see the skill set progress, speed up movement and have players try to stay in one place while doing drill
    • Heel-to-Toe, Pull Back (Call it what you want)
      • Heel-to-Toe, U6-U8: Start with ball under one foot, rolling the ball with cleat in front to heel and back to toe, keeping the ball under cleat. Remember to switch feet during drill.
      • Pull Back, U10-U12: Start with above, then the return to the heel. Have player let the ball go past toe and have them pivot to stop ball with opposite foot. As player progresses, change speed.
    • Roll Over
    • U10-U12, (possible U8): With ball in front of player, have player place toe on the ball and roll the ball to one side using their one foot. Then have the reverse foot, going back to their initial spot. Do not let player cross over with feet. Walk through at first, then get players on toes and change speed.
  1. Endurance (Without laps)
    U6-U8: 5-7 Minutes
    U10-U12: 7-10 Minutes
    Size is dependant on # of players
    • Set up a circle. Have players put all the balls in the middle and then stand on the outside of the circle. Pick a call word that you will use to invite them in to get their ball. With players outside the circle, pick a direction to start and have players (any order, any length of time):
      • Run
      • Soccer Skipping - High knees
      • Side ways walk
      • Run backwards
    • Around the circle changing direction.
    • Using call word, have them come into the circle to get a ball, adding difficulty by removing balls (like chairs in musical chairs) as you feel necessary.
    • The player that does not get a ball will do the same: running, soccer skipping, etc. on inside of the circle.
    • But once the players come in to get the ball, they will try and make it harder for the players to bring the ball to the outside of the circle.
  2. Moving Snake (Follow the leader):
    • This drill can be done in a 20 by 20 square or be moved to a half field.

    • Time will be dependant on number of players in Snake and the number of players will justify the number of snakes. U6-U8: 5-7 Minutes U10-U12: 5-10 Minutes
    • All have players line up, then make one player the leader; that player dribbles the ball with all other players following. The leader can go anywhere.
    • As snake is moving, pick a word and when that word is said, have the player on the end catch the leader and take that lead; go through the whole team.
  3. Sharks-Minnow (Call it what you want)
    • 10 by 10 or coaches choice
    • U6-U8: 5-7 Minutes
    • U10-U12: 7-10 Minutes
    • All players in the square or circle dribbling ball. Once player gets moving, tap a player and have that player kick out their ball and become the shark kicking out the balls from the other player.
    • The size of the team practicing will help you decide how many sharks you will need.
    • U8-U10: Have player come back into the circle once they get the ball back.
    • U12: Have players dribble around the outside until all the minnows have been eaten.
  4. Red Light, Green Light
    • U6-U8:
    • U10-U12:
  5. Pin Ball

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