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How to Contact Us

The easiest and fastest way is to find the relevant person from the list below and email them.  Then there's the old fashioned way, which is to pick up the phone and dial. The Division Directors have their phone numbers listed on their Division Webpages.

Board Member and Volunteer Contacts

Do you seek fame and fortune?  Do you want to see your name in lights or listed on a big-time web site such as this one?  Or do you just want to help kids learn and enjoy the game of soccer?  Even if you have no field experience and don't have time to commit to be a coach or a ref, you can help!  We have many open board and volunteer positions available for you to choose from.  So volunteer!

Position Person Picture
Regional Commissioner Sue McGill
Asst. Regional Commissioner Andrew Moore
Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate Renee Sheldon
Fields Coordinator Andrew Moore
UK Camps Renee Sheldon
Purchasing Manager Andrew Moore
Registrar Robert Lewit
Registration Assistant VolunteerYou can do it!
Safety Director Kay Yindiphol
Secretary Melanie Valdez
Sponsor Coordinator VolunteerYou can do it!
Treasurer Kim Cassandro
Social Media Coordinator Elizabeth Dodge
Social Media Coordinator Karen Berg Smith
Health and Wellness Coordinator Brian Schonfeld
Special Events Coordinator Don Wetteland
Webmaster Robert Lewit
Referee Contacts
Regional Referee Administrator Elizabeth Dodge
Regional Referee Administrator Mark Strathdee
Regional Director of Referee Instruction and Assessment Mike Gormish
Referee Instructor Martin Bittner
Referee Instructor Pat Groves
Regional Director of Referee Mentoring Claudio Ortega
U8 Referee Coordinator Martin Bittner
U10 Referee Coordinator Dan Brault
U12 Referee Coordinator
U14 Referee Coordinator
Brian Schonfeld
U16-19 Referee Coordinator John Schofield
Youth Referee Coordinator Elizabeth Dodge
Youth Referee Coordinator Dan Brault
Winter League Referee Coordinator Brian Schonfeld
Spring League Referee Coordinator Elizabeth Dodge
Indoor Tournament Referee Coordinator VolunteerYou can do it!
Coaching & Division Director Contacts
Regional Coach Administrator Robert Manchia
Asst. Regional Coach Administrator VolunteerYou can do it!
U5/U6 Director Renee Sheldon
U5/U6 Assistant Director Alexandra Cassandro
U8 Director Kim Cassandro
U8 Director Michele Harkov
U10 Director Frank Ehrig
U10 Asst. Director Karen Berg Smith
U12 Girls Director Steve Philpott
U12 Boys Director Charles Winmill
U14 Director Steve McCreddin
U14 Assistant Director Manuel Sanchez
U16-19 Director Kim Cassandro
U16-19 Assistant Director Robert Lewit
VIP Director Steve McCreddin
VIP Assistant Director Matt Tinsley
Winter Coordinator Andrew Moore
Winter Coordinator Eric Fraser
Spring Coordinator Dave Mull

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