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Practice Guidelines

Here are some guidelines that all coaches need to follow:

  • Always have your emergency forms with you during practices. If the coach will be absent, then make sure that the assistant coach has them.
  • Have your 1st aid kit on hand.
  • Always have at least one additional parent remain for the duration of the practice. If you are a male coach you must have a female parent remain at the practice and vice-versa.
  • Never conduct one-on-one practices or practices at non-public locations.
  • If a player is injured during practice and requires treatment, let your division coordinator know.
  • Never drive a player who is not your child home from practice.
  • Wait for all the children to be picked up before leaving the practice area.   Caution parents that are late that they are imposing on your time.

Field Use

AYSO receives field use permits from the Redwood City Parks and Recreations department  As a benevolent organization from the community, we enjoy the use of those fields free of charge. Please respect the constraints of the permits.

  • Always have the field use permits in hand.
  • You may practice only on approved fields. Field use is divided by division as we not want to mix older (and larger) kids with the younger (and smaller) ones.
  • You may practice only during approved times and days. Mondays and Fridays tend to be good days as field use is minimal.
  • You will have to share the field with other AYSO teams. As there is limited space, don't be a hog. Work with the other coaches so that everyone may have equal access to the fields and make the best of what is a difficult situation. Remember what you learned in kindergarten! If you have conflicts that you cannot resolve, contact your division coordinator.
  • If the field is shared with non-AYSO teams (per the permits) then once again, work with them on equal access.
  • If we have exclusive use of the fields you may ask others who are interfering (non-AYSO teams, recreational users etc.) to leave. If they refuse and you have a continuing or serious problem then contact your division coordinator or you may call the Redwood City Police. Be sure to have the permit in hand before you call. If you dial 911 from a cell phone you will get the CHP in Sacramento so dial 369-3331 instead. The emergency number for Redwood City Fire is 368-1421.
  • If you are practicing on a school field, school functions have priority and will supercede your permit.
  • Park and Rec activities will supercede your permit.

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