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The Laws of the Game

  1. Never, ever yell at the referees.
  2. If you're even going to frown at the referees, you should know the rules.
  3. If you're going to be a referee, you should know the rules better than anyone else on the field.

So without further ado, here are the laws of the game. (Tambien en Espaņol) If you're still confused after reading them, try reading FIFA's Laws of the Game page.  Too complicated?   Try The Rules of Soccer: Simplified. Finally, if you're that much into the rules, shouldn't you consider becoming a referee?

The Rules of AYSO

In addition to playing under FIFA rules, AYSO games are conducted according to AYSO Rules and Regulations.

Other Regional Web sites in the Bay Area

25 Woodside/Portola Valley 26 Palo Alto 27 Saratoga
35 Cupertino 36 San Mateo 43 Los Altos Hills/Mt. View
44 Sunnyvale 45 Mt. View/Los Altos 62 Foster City
64 West San Jose 107 San Carlos 108 Belmont/Redwood Shores
109 Menlo Park/Atherton 110 Hillsborough  
Juventus CYSA District 2  

AYSO is a national organization.  Redwood City is "Region 1" of Area 2N in Section 2 of the United States.


Team banners give your team an identity and add to your team spirit. On artificial turf fields, such as Bechet or Hoover fields, you cannot use stakes to hold up the banners. Stands that do not penetrate the field must be used. Banner stands have been purchased for 49er field which is used by U10 and will be available to attach your banner to. See Zaavy's Banner Stand to see what is being provided. Other teams have made stands out of PVC pipe.

Team banners are most enjoyed when they are made by the team itself.  However, given that this is Silicon Valley and no one has any time, commercial banners are also available from:

Buying Equipment

Most soccer equipment (balls, shinguards, cleats) can be purchased at any local sporting goods store.  Be sure to get soccer cleats as baseball cleats are not acceptable.

ayso-store.gif (4359 bytes)The AYSO Store is an official supplier to AYSO Regions, players, coaches, and referees. Part of the proceeds go back into AYSO for our programs.

Another very comprehensive online store for all kinds of soccer equipment is Eurosport, which you can find at  Referee equipment is available from

YSP carries a large selection of products for the soccer volunteer.

Team Home Pages

Links to various Redwood City AYSO teams that have their own web pages.

  • Contact Webmaster with links.

earthquakes.gif (12503 bytes)Earthquakes

The 2001/2003 MLS National Champion San Jose Earthquakes support local soccer programs. Check out their web site for tips from players, games and puzzles, and a calendar highlighting where you can meet and talk to Earthquakes players.

In addition, visitors to the site can find the latest Earthquakes news and can purchase tickets for home games.

Redwood City Parks & Rec

AYSO is the biggest user of Redwood City's playing fields.  We are fortunate that Redwood City charges us a minimal usage fee.   For more information, please visit the Parks, Recreation, and Community Services site.

Soccer Camps

  1. AYSO Soccer Camps
    Redwood City soccer camps available.
  2. The Soccer Camp Guide
  4. World Cup Soccer Camps
  5. International Youth Soccer Training

Online Courses

  1. Safe Haven, Coach, Basic Management and more from National
  2. National Concussion Training - must login with Volunteer Id
  3. CDC Concussion Quick Reference

FedEx Account Information

The user of these FedEx accounts pays for the copies or shipping. However the more the accounts are used, the better the discounts.

  • Company Name: Redwood City AYSO
  • Freight Acct # 641278726
  • Office (print/copy) Acct # 0644690768
  • Acct User ID: RWCAYSO1
  • Password: 1SafeFairFun (with Caps)

Other Information

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