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In the U12 division, players begin to bring their basic techniques and skills to the next level of play. The level of play in this division is more competitive than in the younger divisions, but is still in line with the AYSO philosophy of everyone plays and has fun.

Age Requirement

Participation in the season requires that players be born between August 1, and July 31, .


  • Games: Games are played with 9 players to a side.
  • Duration: Each game consists of two 30-minute halves.
  • Schedule: All games will be played on Saturdays.
  • Location: All home games will be played at McGarvey. Some teams have away games at Half Moon Bay and San Carlos.
  • Participation: All players will play at least half of each game.

See the rule differences by division matrix to compare U14 rules with U12.


  • Shin guards: Mandatory for all practices and games.
  • Footwear: Soccer shoes or tennis shoes. No football or baseball shoes!!
  • Ball: Size 4 (recommended)
  • Uniform: Jersey, socks, and shorts (will be provided by AYSO). You must wear your full uniform at games.
  • Practice: Practice sessions will be determined by the coach.


  • Team parent: Each team needs a parent(s) to coordinate snacks, photo day, and end-of-season party.
  • Banner: Team banner needs to be completed before photo day.
  • Practice: At least one parent must remain with the team during all practices and games. If the coach is a different gender from the players, then a parent of the same sex as the players must be present.

Important Dates

June 2016
6/20-24/16 Mo-Fr Soccer Camp click here to sign-up
July 2016
7/1/16 Fr Last Day for Full Refund
7/11-15/16 Mo-Fr Soccer Camp click here to sign-up
7/14/16 Th U12/U14 Coaches Meeting 6-9PM @ CAB Rm #4
7/25-29/16 Mo-Fr Soccer Camp click here to sign-up
August 2016
8/8-12/16 Mo-Fr Soccer Camp click here to sign-up
8/15/16 Mo Last Day for Partial Refund
8/15-19/16 Mo-Fr Soccer Camp click here to sign-up
8/20/16 Sa U12/U14 Parent Meeting 11AM-12PM @ Peninsula Covenant Church
September 2016
9/10/16 Sa Fall Season Starts U5-U14
9/17/16 Sa U10-U19 Photo Day
October 2016
10/1/16 Sa Silent Saturday (U10-U14)
November 2016
11/12/16 Sa U12,U14 Fall Season Ends

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