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U16/U19 Home Page

This page contains information for players, coaches, referees, and spectators that is specific to the U16/U19 divisions.

Kim Cassandro Robert Lewit
Division Director:

Asst. Division Director:



See our registration page for age information.

There are typically only a handful of teams in these divisions so U16/19 teams play a variety of teams from Area 2 ranging from Pacifica and Half Moon Bay to San Carlos.  Whereas children in the younger divisions are often playing against classmates and friends on a field they both call home, young men and women in the upper divisions travel to other cities regularly to play teams they don't know on fields they have never seen before.  The level of play in these divisions is more competitive than in the younger divisions but still in line with the recreational orientation of AYSO.  The most competitive players often play CY or high school soccer exclusively by this age but many still choose to play both AYSO and in other leagues.


Active teenagers have a lot going on!  Furthermore, most teams at this level don't have many substitute players.  Be sure that you are committed to attending practices and games before signing up!  There is nothing quite so frustrating to a team to play hard to make the area championships only to show up there with 9 players and not stand a chance.

Because many players in this division play high school soccer, the U16/19 seasons are shortened to avoid conflicting with the high school season.  This requires U16/19 teams to often play two games per week; one on a weeknight and another on Saturday.   Be aware that odds are that you will be playing an 8am game in Pacifica or Hillsborough sometime during the season!  Weeknight games will fortunately be in Redwood City since we have some of the few lighted fields in the area.

Also note that in line with the shortened season, practices for U16/U19 teams start at the beginning of August.  Players showing up for their first practice in September are unlikely to be ready for the first game!


  • #5 ball.  Please bring your ball to every practice.
  • Shinguards mandatory at all practices and games
  • Soccer cleats
  • Uniforms are provided by AYSO and to be worn at games only.  Since we play teams from other cities, wearing the issued uniform is mandatory and you may not get to play if you have the wrong shorts or wrong color socks.
  • No jewelry or piercings to be worn during games
  • Bring water bottles to all games/practices

Game Locations

All home games are played at Bechet and Hoover fields.  Away games are played at different cities in the northern peninsula area.  See the list of fields for locations and directions.  Games are typically held on weekday evenings and Saturdays.

Playing Time

All players who show up on time for a game dressed in the issued uniform and who are not injured will play at least 1/2 the game.

Additional Rules

Players and coaches for both teams will occupy one sideline of the field while all spectators (from both teams) occupy the other sideline.   This is similar to the rule used at most high school games.

The laws of the game are interpreted fairly strictly at this level, and those players moving up from U14 should be aware of the differences. Also note that dangerous play is considered very seriously; getting sent off (red card) comes with a one game suspension.

AYSO Region 1 (Redwood City, CA) is part of AYSO Area 2N.  Since we play most of our games against other Area 2N and 2B teams, we are subject to Area 2N and 2B Rules for U16/U19.


Note: There is no U19 Boys Teams this year (Fall 2015).

Div Code Head Coach Asst Coach
U16 RC Javier Alcala  
U19 RC Roberto Manchia Amy Yindiphol
Div Code Coach Asst Coach
U16 RC Steve McCreddin  


Click here for U16/U19 Game Schedules.

Area Tournament

The area tournament will take place in early November.  Team are invited to the area tournament and seeded by standing points.  The top Area 2N team in each division is invited directly to the section tournament. 

Parent Duties

Each coach will delegate a number of tasks to the parents on the team. These tasks include team parent, first aid person, end-of-season party organizer, phone person, picture day coordinator, and so on. Parents are also expected to help put up and/or take down nets as necessary.

Additional Duties for Coaches

Since half of your games will be at Bechet, U16/U19 coaches are responsible for:

  • Setting up the goals, nets, and corner cones at Bechet if yours is the first game of the day/evening, also turning on the field lights at Bechet if you are playing an evening game.
  • Taking down and putting away the goals, nets, and corner cones at Bechet if yours is the last game of the day/evening, also turning off the field lights if you are the last evening game.
  • Keeping the light box and equipment locker locked at all times and always maintaining control of the keys.
  • Helping line the fields.  We have 10 weeks of games and need to line the fields once per week on Monday evenings.  The following is the field lining schedule for :

I strongly recommend that you assign these tasks to parent volunteers on your team, since you'll have enough to do just coaching your team.  See the sample list of parent jobs for suggestions on how to delegate responsibilities to the parents of your players.

Want to be a Youth Referee?

We're looking for boys and girls 12 years and older who love soccer; playing it, watching it, whatever!! Come and learn a new way to enjoy soccer. Learn to referee younger kids and help them enjoy soccer almost as much as you do!  Youth referees will be trained and will get to ref real games.  This is a fun way to earn community service hours for your school while helping the younger kids enjoy the game. For more information, visit the new referee page or contact , Regional Referee Administrator.

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