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U8 Game Schedule

Boys teams are "B" and girls are "G". All games are played at Kennedy.  The home team is listed first on the schedule below.  Refer to the field layout for the location of A, B, C and D.

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Game Schedule for division U8 All Teams.
Wed 3:10AM

8:00AM bye vs B20    
9:00AM B9 vs B13 B1 vs B17 G5 vs G8 G2 vs G12
10:00AM B12 vs B16 B4 vs B25 G3 vs G13 G4 vs G7
11:00AM B3 vs B19 B7 vs B23 G1 vs G11 G6 vs G9
12:00PM B10 vs B14 B5 vs B21 G14 vs G10  
1:00PM B6 vs B22 B8 vs B24 B11 vs B15 B2 vs B18
8:00AM bye vs B14    
9:00AM B3 vs B20 B2 vs B19 G5 vs G9 G3 vs G7
10:00AM B12 vs B17 B7 vs B24 G6 vs G10 G2 vs G13
11:00AM B4 vs B21 B8 vs B13 G1 vs G12 G4 vs G8
12:00PM B11 vs B16 B6 vs B23 G11 vs G14  
1:00PM B10 vs B15 B9 vs B25 B1 vs B18 B5 vs B22
8:00AM bye vs B19    
9:00AM B5 vs B23 B1 vs B25 G6 vs G11 G2 vs G7
10:00AM B3 vs B21 B7 vs B13 G3 vs G8 G4 vs G9
11:00AM B12 vs B18 B9 vs B15 G1 vs G13 G5 vs G10
12:00PM B8 vs B14 B4 vs B22 G14 vs G12  
1:00PM B2 vs B20 B6 vs B24 B11 vs B17 B10 vs B16
8:00AM bye vs B18    
9:00AM B12 vs B19 B9 vs B16 G2 vs G3 G12 vs G13
10:00AM B8 vs B15 B7 vs B14 G8 vs G7 G6 vs G9
11:00AM B11 vs B25 B1 vs B20 G10 vs G11 G4 vs G5
12:00PM B3 vs B22 B6 vs B13 G1 vs G14  
1:00PM B4 vs B23 B10 vs B17 B5 vs B24 B2 vs B21
8:00AM bye vs B2    
9:00AM B11 vs B19 B10 vs B18 G1 vs G3 G12 vs G11
10:00AM B4 vs B24 B3 vs B23 G8 vs G13 G4 vs G6
11:00AM B7 vs B15 B8 vs B16 G10 vs G2 G7 vs G9
12:00PM B12 vs B20 B9 vs B17 G14 vs G5  
1:00PM B5 vs B13 B6 vs B14 B1 vs B21 B25 vs B22
8:00AM bye vs B7    
9:00AM B25 vs B16 B1 vs B22 G4 vs G7 G5 vs G3
10:00AM B4 vs B13 B2 vs B23 G1 vs G6 G9 vs G13
11:00AM B3 vs B24 B8 vs B17 G12 vs G10 G8 vs G11
12:00PM B5 vs B14 B6 vs B15 G2 vs G14  
1:00PM B11 vs B20 B12 vs B21 B10 vs B19 B9 vs B18

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